ExamBlaster© Test Simulation software


  • Written and weighted specific to vendors exam objectives.
  • Detailed explanations of key concepts behind each question.
  • Performance tracking
  • Customized training targets weak areas.
  • User defined testing feature.
  • Randomized questions as well as answers.
  • Print a detailed score report.
  • Tough real world scenario-based questions, like the real exam.
  • Written by experienced Microsoft, Comptia, and Cisco Certified Instructors.
  • Get exclusive members only access to updates and online resources.
  • No Pass, No Pay, Guaranteed!
  • Free MCSE e-mail tech support for one year.


1 Displays the number of questions answered and to be completed.
2 Ability to mark questions for review at a later time.
3 Your test score is displayed and updated after each answer.
4 Ability to adjust font size.
5 Print an individual question for further investigation.
6 Get detailed explanations on each question.
7 Show answers during practice mode.


Displays your score just like the real exam.
2 A detailed test summery that includes questions, answers, and explanations..
3 Print out a customized study guide based on your performance.

System Requirements

486 CPU, 16 MB, Windows OS, 8X CD.

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