Why should I order from ETECHZONE.COM?

Simply stated our products are second to none. ExamBlaster© Test Simulation Software is the tool of choice by IT insiders who know what it takes to pass the first time. In addition, our products are half the price of competing brands. All ExamBlaster© products come with a "90 Day No Pass No Pay Guarantee" to insure your success.

How long do I need to study in order to pass each exam?

Of course this depends on the particular exam and your prior experience in that area. If you study an hour a day, you should be ready to take most exams in 3-4 weeks.

Where do I take the exams?

Register with Prometric
Prometric delivers all Microsoft MCP exams at more than 3,500 locations worldwide. Register for your exam by phone, online, or at your local test center.

Register with VUE
VUE offers real-time scheduling, immediate confirmation, and same-day exams. Register by phone, Web, or at more than 3,000 centers.

How much do the exams cost?

The exams themselves cost around $125.00 in the U.S., but this can vary country to country.

How long are the exams?

Each exam is different, but typically you'll have around 2 hours to complete 60 questions. (Some exams are a little longer, others are shorter)

How hard are the exams?

Again, this varies by the exam, but the short answer is that they get harder as you go up the MCSE ladder. The client operating system exams are fairly easy, with a lower passing score. In contrast, the "Designing and Implementing" exams are brutal and have a much higher minimum passing score.

What kind of questions are on the MCSE exams?

Although most of the questions on the exam are multiple choice, don't let that fool you into thinking they'll be easy. Many of the questions ask for the "best" answer from several close responses. Others present an implementation scenario, requirements, and a proposed solution and asks if the solution meets all of the requirements or combinations of the primary and secondary requirements. There are also a few interactive questions that require you to drag and drop components into a network diagram, or place a set of actions in the correct order. If you've never worked with Windows 2000 before, these questions are designed to weed you out.

How much can I earn as an MCSE?

According to Microsoft's© 2001 salary survey, the average MCSE earned $67,100.00.



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